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GT Bladeworks Inc. specializes in top-notch excavation and underground utility services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in SW Washington and Oregon since 1998.

Services We Offer

Commercial Excavation

Elevate your commercial project with GT Bladeworks Inc.’s expert excavation services. From tenant improvements to parking lots and multi-family buildings we sculpt the groundwork for success in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, ensuring durability and precision that echoes the intent of the customer’s design.

Residential Excavation

For homes nestled in the lush landscapes of SW Washington and Oregon, GT Bladeworks Inc. brings two decades of residential excavation expertise. Transforming visions into reality, we delicately shape the earth to harmonize and tame the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest creating foundations for lasting memories.

Public/Infrastructure Projects

GT Bladeworks Inc. extends its expertise to public and infrastructure projects, contributing to the development of robust community foundations. Whether it’s roads, utilities, or civic amenities, our dedication to precision ensures the success of these vital initiatives in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon.

Demolition & Wrecking

GT Bladeworks Inc. can take care of everything from asbestos abatement to grading after demolition is complete. Whether it’s clearing the path for new beginnings or making space for innovative designs, our expertise ensures a seamless transition, safely clearing and removing unwanted structures.

Excavation Excellence Defined in Experience, Team, and Top-Rated Service

Decades of Expertise

Over 25 years of mastery in excavation, showcasing a rich legacy of precision and reliability.

Skilled Team

Our dedicated professionals bring unmatched expertise, ensuring every project is executed with finesse and proficiency.

Cutting-Edge Machinery

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our machinery guarantees efficient and top-tier excavation services.

Client Trust

Trusted by a diverse clientele, our commitment to satisfaction has earned us acclaim as a reliable excavation partner.


A hands-on approach from the owner ensures a personal touch, accountability, and excellence in every project we undertake.

Top-Rated Service

Recognized for excellence, GT Bladeworks stands out with top ratings, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Meet the Masters Behind GT Bladeworks

Unveil the faces behind GT Bladeworks, a team of excavation masters, bringing decades of expertise to shape the foundations of success for our clients.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unmatched Quality

Competitive Pricing

Swift Service

Tidy Approach

Words From Our Partners & Clients

Trusted by 100s of satisfied clients and partners

Based on 7 reviews
Gary and his crew know how to run equipment. There are but a handful of operators in the county that can run a dozer with the level of authority and skill that put them in the league of their own. Gary is one of those... he also employs and is grooming the next group of operators as well; you can't go wrong with Gary - used him for years. Oh also - you can't beat his prices...
Derek Huegel
Derek Huegel
We had an idea to take a sad, southern facing slope that dominates our property and install a solar canopy and living garden. The solar canopy uses a large timber-frame pergola that required major footings and the widening of an existing terrace. At the last minute our excavator flaked out and we had nothing. Our neighbor put us in touch with Garry and he made room for our work. He did grading, moved a truck load of new boulders around to heighten the retaining wall for the solar, did the footings and the trench for the cables. Most of this was on tricky slopes. We had a woman doing the design, a bit on the fly was her style, and Garry worked well with her as they discussed what was possible for terraces, swales, and some pads for smaller pergolas. The work was excellent, the detail fantastic, and the flexibility welcome. Clearly he has masterful skills on using the equipment to make a great job, If you're looking for someone to do a difficult project for you where quality must come first look no further!
Randal Friedman
Randal Friedman
Gave reasonable advice regarding the project.
Darlene Harris
Darlene Harris
It's nice to find somebody who is honest, hard working and truly believes in making sure my family and I were completely happy. I Will always recommend and use GT Blade works in the future! I am so happy with the way everything turned out. He pays attention to detail and was very professional!
Ruben Archuleta
Ruben Archuleta
Garry does great work and his prices are reasonable! I would highly recommend hiring GT Bladeworks for any excavation work.
Yvonne Hersey
Yvonne Hersey

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